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Pause. Reset. Turn On. Feel - Optimized.

Pancha karma is a journey into the deepest experience and realization of Ayurveda. It encompasses a great variety of possible body therapies, cleansing, rejuvenating and tonifying practices and supportive dietary regimens. It is a container within which to take a break from your busy life to instead give attention to yourself - to feel, explore, nourish, transform, and reprogram your body, your heart, your vision, convictions, and capacities.

There are many manifestations of pancha karma in the consumer marketplace. At Arogya, we pride ourselves in making the traditional pancha karma methods and therapies of the last 5,000 years available and viable in a contemporary and luxurious setting. Our classically trained Ayurvedic Physicians will create a personally tailored pancha karma employing clinically driven, results-based protocols to meet the unique needs of each individual we welcome within our doors.

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  • Your Pancha Karma Experience

    Your Pancha Karma Experience

    At Arogya no two Pancha Karmas are ever the same because each one is created for you.

    Your panchakarma starts with a consultation with one of our Ayurvedic Physicians. This begins the process of identifying and aligning your health goals, preparing your body and mind for pancha karma through diet, lifestyle, and herbs, and giving our Physicians the material they need to craft your custom pancha karma protocol. 

    On site, our pancha karma Facilitator will be your guide, receiving you, co-creating your container of intention, coordinating all of your treatments with our therapists and meeting with you each day.

    Expect 2-4 hours of treatments every day, warm, organic, seasonally prepared Ayurvedic cuisine, relaxing into ambient scores, contemplations beneath our ancient cottonwood trees- and lots of oil.

  • Our clinic

    Our newly renovated clinic sits not far from the Rio Grande on two quiet acres in Albuquerque’s prized North Valley region of ranches and estates.

    The space is a 100+ year old traditional adobe structure boasting vaulted ceilings, plastered walls, modern finishes and a number of ancient cottonwoods. 

    We’re close to plenty of forested walking trails along the Rio Grande and its tributaries and, thankfully, not much else.

  • Logistics

    All pancha karma programs begin on Mondays and run for a minimum of 6 days. Pancha karmas at Arogya usually run between 1 and 4 weeks.

    Our Pancha Karma availabilities frequently book out so we always recommend scheduling as far in advance as you can.

    Pricing varies by protocol but falls within the range of $1,850 and $3,800 per week depending on the specific therapies being provided.

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